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We all know that there are many bad artists out there that have no idea on how SMP procedure should be performed (or at least this is what I am hoping for, please do your research!), I see too often clients that are coming to us for repair, and unfortunately many of them undergo more then one butch SMP treatment. Those clients need to go through multiple laser removal treatments before Sarah can repair their scalp and make it look undetectable and as natural as possible. So if you are not 100% sure that you are getting the result you are looking for, please contact us and we will give you our honest and free advice!   

In this article I would like to point out how to detect a bad SMP and explain to you how the procedure works if it’s done the right way!

So, let’s start with the good stuff because there is so much good in Scalp micropigmentation, and many ways that SMP can help with hair loss and give you a different look and new found confidence!

SMP cannot be done in one treatment, it takes few treatments to achieve the undetectable and natural look. So, if you went to a consultation and were told that treatment can be completed in one session just run away! The reason for that is that we always need to start in a very conservative way, meaning:

  • The pigment shade needs to be light, and if it needs to be darken down the road we can always do that, after we examine how the scalp took the pigment when the client comes back for the second treatment. We can always go darker, but we cannot go lighter!
  • The size of the hair follicles impression, at Hairline Designs we use deferent sizes of needles in order to replicate perfectly your hair follicles, we take the same conservative approach with the first treatment, because we can always create a bigger size of impression but we cannot make it smaller!

With that being said, you as a client need to take into consideration that you will have up to 50% fading in the first treatment! Your body immune system will fight the pigment and because we are making a very small deposit of our special all Organic pigment and we penetrate the skin only to the epidermal layer, now if you already have tattoos in different areas of the body, then your  immune system is already used to receiving ink into the skin, then you will have less fading vs a person that never had any tattoos in his body.

In the second treatment we will already know what shade of pigment, size of needle and what size of impression Sarah Nissim need to create in order to replicate perfectly your existing hair follicles. From that point on with every treatment that goes by, Sarah will work on adding density and sharpen the hair follicles impressions.

By the end of the third treatment you will be able to see the end result, a natural undetectable look! From now, if you will need any more treatment it will be only to increase the density and to sharpen the existing impression.

A very important point that needs to be said is, that from the first treatment you will see a big difference! Sarah covers all the areas in the scalp that suffered hair loss, so the change is instant, and it will gradually improve with every treatment that is being done. You will not look strange or weird after the first treatment, it’s undetectable and natural looking even after the first treatment. And the best thing about it is that you can continue with your daily activities right after the SMP treatment, as long as you follow the aftercare instructions.

I hope that this info helps you understanding the “process “of achieving that ultimate natural and undetectable SMP result! and what to expect when deciding to undergo the procedure. In my next blog I will discuss further on how to detect a bad SMP artist and butch SMP job just by looking at the pictures of before and after. you will be surprise how many times I see on the websites and social media bad SMP advertise as good one.

Shay Nissim

Hairline Designs.