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Hello, my name is Anthony Clevenger and I would like to share with you today my experience with Sarah and Shay of Hairline Designs in Wilton Manors, Florida. Historically, about 25 years ago in the mid-nineties, I had a couple of hair transplant procedures done as I was thinning in the crown as a young man, so I was a little insecure. I had the procedures done and they were very successful. However, as I matured and aged, obviously I’ve experienced a little bit more hair loss in the crown area. It kind of led me to pursue my options. I went to an establishment that did hair systems and they informed me, thankfully, that I was not a candidate for a hair system. I still had a lot of hair remaining. I just had the thin spot in the crown, which was by the way, increasing in size.

They did tell me about their micro-pigmentation procedure, which I quite frankly and honestly I’d never heard of at that point in time. I went home and did my due diligence. I did the research on the internet and popped up Shay and Sarah Hairline Designs and it had a lot of great reviews. I started communicating with Shay via their online customer service and kind of inquiring, asking some questions. He convinced me to make a phone call to him the following day. I did and it was a candid conversation. He kind of answered the questions I had. I went in for a consultation that Saturday and I was ready to go. I mean I walked through the door, I mean it was like a spa setting. They were very friendly. They assured me that she would do it as many times as she had to do it until I was happy.

And that’s a kind of reassurance that I like because often other places I kind of looked into were just one, two or three sessions and that was it. The other thing too, I was kind of wary. I didn’t want it to look like, Hey, I had something done and I was kind of stuck with this. It’s a really scary thing when you’re going out there and you’re trying to figure out who should do this very, very intricate procedure. So I felt very competent with them and I actually went back five times because she just did it slowly, meticulously. I mean, I assure you, they look like hair follicles. They’re beautiful. And quite frankly, it’s the best thing I ever did in my whole life because A, I’m in sales in the medical device industry and you’ve got to A, you’ve got to look the part and B, you’ve got to be confident about yourself.

And that’s kind of like what I was lacking. That’s what led me to pursue some type of life-changing something to get my confidence back. And it sure did. Because now I walk into physician’s offices and hospitals and people comment about my hair and it’s my hair, it’s my scalp. It’s just so natural looking because the scalp pigmentation actually, and the follicles that Sarah created, looks so realistic that it just makes my hair look so much fuller. And again, if you’re looking for an artist that really knows what they’re doing and really cares about you, then you need to go see Sarah. She’s got a lot of great, that’s what led me there. The price, you can go and maybe get it, pay more money or you can pay less, but you want to trust your scalp to someone who knows what they’re doing and, and she’s a true artist.

That’s what led me to give this little testimonial today because I was just so impressed and it was so life-changing for me that I just wanted to share it with you all who are out there and probably pursuing this or considering it because it’s money well spent. It’s an investment in you. And that being you, what I mean is your quality of life is going to improve. You’re going to be happy and that’s money well spent. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to listen to this. This is an honest, unpaid testimonial. I just want you to feel comfortable that they are a top-notch organization and they’ve earned every review and rating that they’ve gotten. And Sarah, so selfish, she doesn’t want anybody else to do your hair. She’s that controlling, which is fantastic. And another thing too, of all my appointments, I actually went for five and then I had a follow up a month later.

Never was a canceled appointment, never changed times. She was always there before me. And like I said, in and out, it was painless. I didn’t even use anesthesia or nothing like that, or no topical like pain relief. It was like I said, she’s gentle. That’s why she goes through a series of steps. But it was easy. The hardest part was not washing my hair for numerous days, but I think that’s something we can deal with. Anyway, I hope that you’ve gathered something out of this. I’m a complete believer and Sarah, Shay and Hairline Designs of Wilton Manors, Florida. So again, thank you, Sarah and Shay. Thank you for everything.