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The first questions everyone asks is “how much does SMP cost?”. That can vary a lot so we put together this guide to help give you an idea based on your circumstances. Keep in mind we have a ton of options available including payment plans so we can meet ANY budget requirements. We will lay the options out when you come in for your free consultation.

Treatment Type


Hairline area only


Crown area

$1200- $1600

Hair transplant scar camouflage


Adding Density for existing hair

$2500- $2800

Full treatment

$2800- $3000

Full treatment + Scar Camouflage

$3500- $4500

Full Alopecia treatment

$3500- $4500

Partial alopecia treatment

$2500- $3500

Women hairline treatment

$1500- $2000

Women full scalp density treatment


Touch Up For existing Client

$300- $500

Touch up for new client


Repair of bad treatment


At Hairline Designs Scalp Micropigmentation, procedure prices can be as low as $1200 for just a hairline or crown area, and can run up to $2800 for a full scalp procedure.

SMP can be applied in many different ways to help with the look of hair loss. Look at our price chart where you can find an estimated price for the different treatments we offer at our clinic.

We at Hairline Designs charge one price for the complete treatment, that price includes as many treatment as needed to achieve the desired result. The average number of treatments that are needed to achieve the final result is 3, but sometimes a client will need 4th and 5th treatment. Those extra treatments, if necessary, are included in the price. 

Prices are calculated by the amount of area that need to be treated. The bigger the area, the higher the cost.