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Here at Hairline Designs we get a lot of questions from our clients that have had a hair transplant wondering if they can get SMP or scalp micropigmentation done. They often also wonder if they will still have the option to get a transplant in the future after an SMP treatment. 

The answer is YES and YES.

  •  If you Previously had hair transplant but are looking for more density, an SMP treatment will provide an amazing result without harming the transpant area at all. Its a great way to supplement the limitations that a transplant has. 
  • SMP will help you achieve that full dense hair that you want and help even the density for any patchy areas that might exist
  • You will need to be sure to be 6-8 months post hair transplant to be a candidate of SMP
  • If you are interested in a transplant AFTER an SMP treatment, you only need to clear a few weeks after your latest session. On average, our full treatments take about 3 sessions. 
  • The combination of the 2 procedures can only enhance the result and leave you feeling twice as confident.

If you still have questions click the button below and we will help you with an absolutely free, no obligation consultation to see if scalp micropigmentation is right for you.